How does the APP connect to Hismith products?
On the "Play" interface, click the Bluetooth status icon in the upper right corner to start searching for Hismith products that have been opened nearby, and click "Connection" to connect.
APP can't find the machine?

Please make sure your machine is a machine with bluetooth function!

iOS system:

Please make sure that the bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on, including the bluetooth of the system and the bluetooth of the control center, as shown in the following two pictures

Android system:

If your phone is Android 12and above

1.allow Hismith Find and connect to nearby devices.

If your phone isAndroid 11and below

1.allow Hismith obtain location permission.

2、turn on the phone GPS position .As shown in the following two pictures:

or turn on the switch below

The above is the whole tutorial of Bluetooth connection, if you have followed the tutorial, openAPPThe bluetooth search page will display the bluetooth machine, as shown in the figure below, (if you still can’t see your machine, please contact sales for consultation, thank you for your cooperation)

How to modify the Bluetooth name of my toy?
1. Click to enter the Bluetooth search interface.

2. Connections need to modify the toy.

3. Left slider connected toy.

4. Click "Edit" to modify the Bluetooth name.

5. Click on "Confirm" reboot toys.