Play Remote

With Play Remote, you can sharecontrol od your Hismith device, by sending a link to thatsignificant someone. Generate your link and send it through FacebookMessenger, Line, Whatsapp, We-chat or find someoneto play with within the Hismith APP itself. Play Remote can add a new dimension of intimacy between you and your partner, even from the other side of the world.

NOTE: Only one person can connect to your device at a time.

When your friend connected your device successfully, they will get a interface above, it is exactly the same as the interface you using Play Alone

* You are able to set a maximum speed on your Hismtih Device. The person controlling your device will not be able to exceed the chosen limit, to ensure your comfort. You can set this limit anywhere between 0 and 100%.
*You can override the person controlling your device at any given moment, by (manually) adjusting the speed of your Hismith device as you normally would, by using your remote control, speed control box or buttons on your Hismithdevice.

TIPS: We strongly suggest that you set the max speed before joining the game.