Solo Play

Swipe your finger up and down the screen to adjust the speed of your device. Increase speed by swiping upwards and  reduce speed by swiping downwards. Swiping can adjust the speed by up to 20% per finger. To more quickly adjust the speed, you can use additional fingers in your swiping motion. 
*Flip over your phone to immediately stop your device. Flip it screen-side up again, to resume its riginal speed.
*Shake your phone to use the power boost-function (when you're about to cum). It will boost your device to a super high speed. Press any button to return back to previous speed.

Click thr icon on the top right corner to unfold the built-in thrusting modes. We advise you to familiarize yourself wih these thrusting patterns before putting them to use to decrease any risks of unpleasant situations or injury.
Note: Different devices may have different built-in modes. These images are used for reference only.